Title III ada access defense

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all places of public accommodation (such as hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, and offices) to provide equal access to their business for individuals with disabilities. In certain circumstances, these protections also apply to companies’ websites, in addition to the physical location.
In recent years, South Florida has become a fertile ground for “drive-by” lawsuits and “tester” lawsuits by serial-Plaintiffs against local businesses alleging that they have been discriminated against because of non-compliant parking lots, bathrooms, counters, and websites. Many of these lawsuits are filed without merit, with the hopes of entering into a quick settlement with the target business.
At Adi Amit, P.A., our team helps businesses defend against, and resolve, claims for ADA access violations by engaging the alleged violations in a comprehensive and proactive approach – addressing the deficiencies and defects in these cookie-cutter complaints, providing resources for remediation of alleged violations, including through independent inspections by experts and expedient correction of physical locations by licensed contractor, and of websites by website programmers.